Can ChromaGen™ lenses help me with a job application?

This depends on the type of job you are applying for, and the final decision will always rest with your employer. In most cases the improvement in colour vision will be such that practical involvement with colours will represent little problem. In cases where further clarification is needed, you should discuss this with your employer or potential employer.

Will official bodies such as the Police or Armed forces accept ChromaGen™?

Each individual force will have their own standards regarding accepting candidates with colour vision problems; you will need to discuss this with them when making any applications.

If I can pass a colour test when using ChromaGen™ lenses will this be acceptable for either the Police or Armed Forces?

As above you will need to discuss this with them when taking the test.
We advise that when taking a colour vision test you should inform them that you are taking the test wearing ChromaGen™ lenses.

Please note

ChromaGen™ is not a cure for either reading disorders including visual dyslexia or colour vision problems. ChromaGen™ is only a management system that can assist in both applications to break barriers and help transform lives.