How can ChromaGenTM help
How can ChromaGenTM help

ChromaGen™ is a unique system of coloured lenses of a specific density and hue that are worn as either contact lenses or spectacles. For people suffering from colour deficiency or ‘colour blindness’, ChromaGen™ haploscopic filters work by changing the wavelength of each colour going into one or both eyes, which enhances colour perception and colour discrimination.

In trials, over 97% of colour blind people reported a significant enhancement to their colour vision.

For many people suffering from colour deficiency this improvement can be dramatic and life changing: Even the colours they normally identify correctly may seem brighter, richer and more vivid, whilst they may perceive other shades and colours for the first time.

The image on the right was created by a colour-blind individual as a demonstration of how he saw the rose without ChromaGen filters (right) and with them (left)

ChromaGen™ lenses can realistically be expected to achieve the following:

  • Improve general colour perception
  • Make colours brighter and clearer
  • Allow shades of colour, previously unseen, to be observed
  • Improve the ability to name colours correctly (especially when assistance is provided in this area e.g. by relatives or friends)

Improved colour vision may also lead to improved safety, for example through earlier identification of hazard warning lights and brake lights on the roads.

Until recently there has been no effective treatment for colour deficiency and sufferers have had to make adjustments in the real world themselves (for example, distinguishing traffic lights by their position on the post rather than by the different colours)

The aim of ChromaGen™ for colour vision is to improve colour perception in real world situations – however it is also very likely that scores on colour vision tests will dramatically improve. Colour vision and colour naming in particular, will normally improve rapidly when using ChromaGen™ lenses within the first couple of months. With some people, however, the results are more immediate and they are able to pass tests after just a few hours of using ChromaGen™ lenses.

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