Case studies
Case studies
Elliot Whip of Rainham

Elliot WhipTwelve year old Elliot has succeeded in dramatically turning his school career around.

Elliot had struggled throughout his primary schooling and his difficulties with reading had led to ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Elliott was in Year 6 facing his SATs exams when his mother Emma saw an article about ChromaGen™ lenses and wondered whether they might offer an additional form of classroom assistance. A visit to Cantor & Nissel opticians in Brackley resulted in the prescription of a pair of ChromaGen™ spectacle lenses for Elliot. Continue reading

Thomas Leigh of Sevenoaks

In 2001, Thimas Leighseven year old Thomas was having difficulties at school. A bright, inquisitive child, his early attempts at reading were a struggle. “He just couldn”t get the words out and he seemed constantly to be racing ahead and finding ways around having to sound out the letters and words. He was using his memory instead and he even managed to memorise and recite a whole book!” Continue reading