I have heard that coloured overlays can help with visual dyslexia. How do they compare with spectacles or contact lenses?

Coloured overlays have been shown in some cases to provide a useful, inexpensive first screening test for visual dyslexia. They can help to indicate whether colour makes a difference to a person’s ability to read text clearly. However, they only go so far, as they do not help with reading text on a blackboard, or with writing neatly and legibly. More fundamentally, if there is a difference between the requirements of each eye in terms of colour, the overlay system cannot cater for this.

What does the term haploscopic mean?

Each eye is individually assessed and prescribed to offer the best results.

Is there an age limit for using ChromaGen™ filters?

There is no age limit for using ChromaGen™. However, normally to achieve a good assessment the child should be 7 years or older.

Please note

ChromaGen™ is not a cure for either reading disorders including visual dyslexia or colour vision problems. ChromaGen™ is only a management system that can assist in both applications to break barriers and help transform lives.