How can ChromaGenTM help
How can ChromaGenTM help

ChromaGen™ has been clinically proven to dramatically improve accuracy of reading, writing and comprehension.

ChromaGen™ is a unique system of coloured lenses for dyslexia. It provides a quick and reliable screening test for visual dyslexia. When the patient selects the right colour combination during the assessment an immediate improvement can be experienced including clearer text, ease of reading and word and number recognition. As a result, text typically becomes clearer and stays still on the page.

How does ChromaGen™ work?

It is believed that, in reading disorders there is a problem with the ‘wiring circuit’ or magnocellular pathway to the brain. The magnocellular pathway comprises large nerve cells and this forms a path from the eye to the brain. It is thought that these pathways differ in people with reading disorders from those without reading disorders.

The fitting of ChromaGen™ lenses helps re-synchronise and selectively changes the speed of the information in the pathways to enable sufferers to improve their reading ability, handwriting and spelling.

Chromagen is a patented, US FDA-cleared product for the management of reading disorders through the fitting of coloured glasses or contact lenses. Clinical trials and numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of ChromaGen™.

A ChromaGen™ assessment is only available through licensed ChromaGen™ practitioners worldwide. The assessment using the filters can be carried out on children and adults alike suffering from all forms of ASD™ academic skills disorders including dyslexia.

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