Teachers Assesment kits
Teachers Assesment kits

Special Needs teachers can adopt a simple and effective approach to assessing and aiding dyslexic pupils through the Cantor & Nissel ChromaGen™ Visual Assessment Kit for Teachers.

This package provides a quick, easy and reliable screening test for visual dyslexia. Moreover, once glasses or contact lenses have been prescribed, research shows rapid improvement in reading speed and accuracy, and handwriting accuracy and presentation.

Neuroscientist Professor John Stein of Oxford University has commented, “We have a better understanding of the visual system and this has led to various techniques to improve people’s reading. We have found that wearing coloured lenses can be used to help in about one third of cases.”

Cantor & Nissel’s own research points to the need for an approach that is quick and easy to perform and can be seamlessly integrated with other learning techniques.

Coloured lenses can be effectively used in the following ways:

As a rapid screening device to ascertain whether the dyslexia is of a visual nature; and to help kick-start the dyslexia sufferer in learning to read with greater comfort and confidence.

Typical responses from children who have benefited from wearing the lenses are that they help to spread the words out, to straighten them and to make them stay still on the page. This clearly has a knock-on effect on academic performance and general self-confidence.

The ChromaGen™ Visual Assessment Kit for Teachers is available from Cantor & Nissel. The system offers an easy way to progress from assessment to accurate treatment of visual dyslexia. Cantor & Nissel provides a full training scheme to practitioners subscribing to its diagnostic system and an on-going professional back-up service.

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